Red Super Juice Mix 250 g Davids

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29,90 CA$

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    <p>The perfect blend of all genuine premium quality superfoods to add to your diet!</p><p>Our nutrition packed <b>Red Superfood Juice Powder Mix</b>&nbsp;is the perfect way to meet your daily nutritional needs, while also tasting delicious!&nbsp;</p><p>Reap the benefits of the clean ingredients in this juice mix, with absolutely ZERO additives. Acai, Aronia Berry, Maqui Berry, Hibiscus, Beetroot, Banana, Goji Berry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Maca, Watermelon, Rose Petal, Spinach, Peppermint, Blood Orange, Lion's Mane Mushroom, Maitake, Monk fruit, Shiitake, Pomegranate, &amp; Carrots&nbsp;combined into the perfect mix to brighten your day &amp; provide the energy you need to keep going!</p><p><b>David’s Condiments</b>&nbsp;produces heart-nutritious gourmet seasonings and food products made with no artificial preservatives. Our gourmet pastes, marinades and rubs appear nationwide in gourmet outlets, supermarkets and internationally renowned restaurants.</p><p>We believe that the integrity of these products speak for themselves and we are proud to offer these nutritious, no sodium-food choices, as there were very few nutritious seasonings on the market. We are re-inventing the way you look at health and food.</p>ood.